Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy 1st! :")

Happy 1st Pangga! :")))
The celebration of first month was celebrated today MARCH 9, 2013! Supposedly it was celebrated on March 8 because I have to mull over my classes than celebrating it, though He understood. ;)
Classes are Bummer. HIHI. Just Kidding~ >:)
Happy Viewing! <3

Thank you for all of these PANGGA!

Wiiiii! Hersheys Heath. :))) Yumyum!

Tada! Hawaian Pizza from Bianos. Sorry for the quality of the picture, I was eating while I took this one. hahahha.

Eeeeeeeh. He is just so sweeeeeeet! :**

The Letters and our Phones! We exchanged letters for our 1st. :"))
His phone is on the right, and see who's in the wallpaper? ;)

Hello there GORGEY PAL! ;)

ABEGAEL! My bespren celebrated the 1st month with us. :"))))

She did too! My GORGEOUS PAL, ANGEL! <3

Hey Mr.! ;)

 Love the shirt, as well as the owner. Eeeeeeeeee.

greetings: Hello JAMIMAI!!  :*




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