Saturday, September 28, 2013

Morning ride =)

   Morning ride is my newest passion! I started joining or doing the morning ride last summer 2k13 when my Tito gave me a bicycle. But suddenly Mom wants to join me in riding the bike, so I gave her my old bike and bought a new one. :p 

    Mom and I wakes up every 4:30 in the morning and started to do the cycle. From our home to the heart of the city and back to our home again. We are not the only one who rides in the morning, there are other fellas also, mostly are booooooyssss including Petit Ami. <3 

    Sooooooo, here is our morning ride earlier this morning. 

Mine is the silver. Yellow is for my Mom. <3

My everyday partner. It's getting dirtieeeer each and everyday. :p 

Hey Momma! Still sleepy? :p

Satisfy my thirst. #NatureSpringWater hahahah.

Threefir with my bikeeeey.

Long legs ko?

wearin' short for comfortable ride.


While riding. :)

At the Cabadbaran City Land and Transportation Terminal! Ahoy!

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Thanks for viewing! :)))



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