Monday, October 14, 2013

My first long ride *:)

          Cabadbaran to Magallanes and Magallanes to Cabadbaran
my first ever long ride route. Last Friday, October 11, 2013 around 3 in the afternoon, Me and JP had a ride or "sikad" in Visayans dialect, from our place (Cabadbaran City) to Magallanes (a neighboring place). 

        Magallanes is 14 kilometers from Cabadbaran. Try to imagine that "FOURTEEN KILOMETERS"? Hahaha. Well yeah! I used the bike of his brotha, his "GIANT" branded bike. The brand of bike I alwaaaaaaaaays wanted to have since I had the passion of biking, lucky you Ferch! :p And JP used his "RYDER" branded bike. Another brand of bike I wanted to have. Sossy these two brothaaaas. ^_^v

        We used helmet for safety reasons which I find annoying to wore ~_~. I used my Adidas shoes with maong shorts and my statement shirt while him? Well, the attire of a cyclist! Unfair My Love. :p I don't have one eh. 

        So we did four freakin' stops because of ME. Yes! Because I'm so thiiiiiirsty as ever and I'm sweating all over my bodeeeeh. And I'm so thankful I have him because he's the one who took good care of me during the ride. Awww <3

        Here's our pictures during the ride. He personally took this and be my photographer that afternoon because he wants to...hmmm. I don't know? He just want to. Hahahaha :*


I started my October 11 with this scenery. :D 

Hey yo kiddo? What are you lookin' at? :p

                         Pogi pose muna. :p

Oh please don't mind my fats and butt. =///

La Union Crossing.

I think this is my favorite shot of all the shots you took Hon. HAHAHA :P

Yay! La Union Bridge.

Welcoming the wind from the south. Swear to God, this is 
such a beauti-fuuuuul scenery.

Hello Bikes! Ryder and Giant :D

Tada! BITAOG TREE! one of the largest tree I ever seen.
It doesn't show int the picture how big and tall this tree is.

 Try to find the INFINITY sign in this picture and if you'll find, I'll love you 
f-o-r-e-v-e-r. :)

And we reached here, the Magallanes BayWalk. There are boats here 
travelling from Magallanes to Butuan City and vice-versa.

 Taaaaaaaaayrd! -___-


Wacky nalang kasi di sya kibaw mo smile. Wahahha. <3

Aftermath. And I end my October with this purple like sunset. Yes., SUNSET! <3

Special Thanks to my best buddy, best friend, trainer, adviser, assistant, co-cyclist and my

Je t'aime Mon Amour :*

Thanks for viewing! :)))



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