Saturday, March 3, 2012

                              ♥ FASHIONABLE SHOES
                                       FOR  MARCH

 SHOES.. SHOES.. SHOES.. Shoes is every girls other best friend.. Girls would never have enough shoes.. WE will keep on buying and buying and buying new shoes.. Right? Shoes is also very addictive.. Someone quoted: "Even your dress is not that pretty, as long as the beauty of your SHOES reigns, you will ROCK the runway world".. So here it is, shoes is love.. Here are some fashionable shoes pictures I've got from one of my favorite sites.. :)♥


I want to have this bunch of shoes too! :)) 

                                                                  Lovely yellow! :))

                                                             Elegant Lace style shoes :))

                                                                 Black booty shoes :))

                                                                    Sweet Pink :))

                                                       This shoes is like wood, unique :))

                                               This one is my personal favorite pair. <3


                                                              Simple but Elegant..


                                                              Floral Shoes. :))

                                 A bunch of shoes again.. I so love to have this many shoes.

                                                                Glamour Kills.. >:)


                              It's ALEXANDER MCQUEEN inspired shoes. Hands down. :)

                                              Black and White CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN..

                                                     Colorful designed killer heels. >:)

                                      This pair of shoes defines: SIMPLE BUT ELEGANT

                                                               Glittery shoes..

  Purple is so glamorous :) One of my favorite. :)) 

Red Wedge Shoes..

I'll be posting more pictures about Fashion.. ♥

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