Friday, March 1, 2013

The other side of me... :)))

Lemme tell you the other side of me.. 
WRITING is, I think MY TALENT. My ONE and ONLY talent. I'm not a PRO-WRITER though, but I'm trying to learn new techniques on how to improve my skills, reading some articles, magazines, books and many more. I'm having a difficulty on forming and correcting my grammar and again, I'm seeking another techniques to improve. :P

So, I'm an AUTHOR. Not that FAMOUS but just an amateur. Author in I'm trying to make a stories with different Genre. I've been in wattpad since August 11, 2011. This is not what my life is dedicated to, WRITING and being an AUTHOR is just one of my passion, it means that, for me, it's just my past time, when I'm bored, sad and with many more different emotions, specially when it rains, I love to write and write and write. :D

So, here is what my WATTPAD PROFILE looks like. :p
P.S: Sorry for the quality of the pictures, it is just a screenshot. :D

The PINK one: It's my address to my profile. Here it is:
The RED one: That's my profile picture in my account and the
user name I used. Its: UNIKAIJAISME
The GREEN one: The first two line of boxes are my FANS, its on 980 already. 
The second line of boxes are the author I fanned.
The BLUE one: A brief background of myself. ;) I still need to
hide my true identity for some reasons. :p
The PURPLE one: The stories I read in Wattpad. :D
The YELLOW one: The stories I vote in Wattpad.

These are my stories I made these past few months. ;)

The different stories with different genre I read in the site. :D

My MESSAGE BOARD! This is where my readers, fans, watty friends drop their message for me. Telling how much they love my stories and etc. ;)

FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES - My first ever story since I joined in Wattpad. Now, it reaches 200thousand plus reads already. Yaaay! :D This story tells that even how many years a lover separates, but if they still in love with each other, no matter what it takes, they will find ways to be together. Enchantress Athena and Prince Justin are the main characters of the story. Read it and make some realizations. ;) [TagLish]

HE IS A GANGSTER - I tried this because this has a different genre from the first I wrote BUT it still have a touch of a love story. This story elaborates how GANGSTERS live their life, on how they move, on how they fight for the one they love. Circumstances, Hindrances- they always face this! Be amazed on how a Gangster give his love. Nevaeh and Jayden are the main characters of the story! Read it and know the Gangsters life. [TagLish]

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON - My first ever, SHORT STORY! Read it and realize that everything happens for a reason.

HE IS A GANGSTER: I WON'T GIVE UP - This one is the sequel of He Is A Gangster. Find how Jayden gives the real meaning of I Won't Give Up. The title is based on the song I Won't Give Up by Bruno Mars. Witness the ups and downs of Nevaeh and Jayden.

THE HOTTEST POLITICIAN - A different genre again! This was my latest story, this story is still on going. Beware kids, this is not for you. Just for mature minds only! :P Summer and Drake John are the main characters that characterized by Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. Get hot and be sexy! ;)

and finally, my wattpad profile BACKGROUND. The one and the only,
Ian Somerhalder <3

Bloggers, Readers, People. I'm encouraging and promoting you to read not only my stories in wattpad but also for the other authors. I will assure you that stories in wattpad are great! :">

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Thankies! :*




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