Monday, July 30, 2012

SONA 2012


            The Philippine President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino in his third SONA gave a detailed list of the present administration’s accomplishments particularly commending the members of his cabinet who were able to deliver noteworthy actions in response to what he said were mostly backlogs of the previous administration.

            I couldn’t help but notice how he kept on comparing the accomplishments of his present administration to that of GMA’s that it became almost a mouthful of finger pointing when we all know that this present governance also has its share of shortcomings.

            There are certain parts of his speech which made me squirm to my seat and made me contemplate and compare to what has been said and to what is actually happening around us.

            Take for example how the President said that the “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program” is set to benefit 3.1 million Filipinos whose beneficiaries he said are now being carefully chosen as opposed to how it used to be.  To this my thought drifted to those people falling in line in ATM machines with their 4Ps ATM cards in hand although while some are obviously poor looking there are certainly some of them who doesn’t fit the description as you see them decently dressed with gold accessories at that.  Reality strikes back with the fact that still some of these beneficiaries get enrolled because the Barangay Captain or someone with a higher position endorsed them.  This point being that up to this day, some beneficiaries get political backing to be listed, now isn’t this form of corruption?

            The President also mentioned of how Sec. Rene Almendras of the Department of Energy is making it possible for far flung sitios to benefit from its electrification program but he never mentioned how the government can solve the problem on the rising cost of electricity and the lack of its supply particularly in Mindanao area. 

            Then the President said relief goods are now waiting for the victims of disasters and not the other way around but sadly the President is most often out of sight at the height of every calamity unlike the previous administration who made it a point to be on site where the calamity is taking place to issue orders and make sure everything is in place.  Pnoy relies mostly from his cabinet secretaries to respond and take action probably because he himself does not know exactly what to do.

            Moving on to the crime volume which the president boasted to be going down as compared to the previous years but then how come statistics remain to rise every single day. 

            On a lighter note being a daughter of a government employee it was a welcome development when the President said that government employees will be able to avail of 35 thousand pesos cash incentive based on their performance aside from the Christmas bonus they receive.   I just hope that this will be truly realized and not be subjected to politicking as well.

            The President made special mention on the Sin Tax Bill and that of responsible parenthood which is clearly about the RH Bill although he didn’t really elaborate on said subjects still it was enough validation that indeed he supports the said legislative measures. 

            It was also noteworthy that the President cited the exemplary performance of Butuan City’s very own Chief Executive Mayor Ferdinand Amante.  Indeed, Mayor Amante set a good example among politicians by exercising political will in going after illegal loggers and seizing said logs which are now being converted into school chairs to benefit many school children around the country.

            In a way I find the President’s SONA lacking in substance.  It was just a reportage of accomplishments but nothing solid and concrete were said on how the present administration can address the clamor of the people for reform through legislative measures.  While it blamed the previous administration for the ten years that was supposedly taken from the Filipino people still the President should be reminded that his present administration is actually still utilizing most of the policies which GMA started like the 4Ps and the PHIC universal membership as examples.  The present administration has up to this day is not able to introduce radical measures which it can truly claim its own. 

            Perhaps, the President can work on moving on and stop casting blames as what he has done in the last portion of his speech blatantly expressing his reluctance to forgive and forget the past administration he can at least start creating a mark of his own.


  1. Everything you said is true...
    I didn't vote GMA and nor PNOY but it seems that the previous administrations had more concrete accomplishments.

    It's so obvious that Pnoy wants power... (physically and literally speaking) concrete accomplishment? purchase of a way old naval fleet, and now fighter planes from korea? How about the problem in economy? naval fleet is an end investment! Well, he simply continued the 4P's program launched by the previous administration... will this program answers poverty issues in our country? I don't think so!
    this is a form of dole-out system... politicians love this! this is another "utang na loob strategy"

    pointing fingers and blaming others is a waste of time...
    think... plan... and let it happen. make tuwid na daan a real tuwid na daan.

  2. "Pnoy relies mostly from his cabinet secretaries to respond and take action probably because he himself does not know exactly what to do."

    yes its true, the Leader cannot stand alone without its subordinates and it should be made clear that the President really did his duty in order to uplift the standard of living of his people.

  3. It is inevitable that the current administration is to be compared with the past. As we all see, the PNoy administration is more transparent compared to GMA's administration. If this goes on, we might have a bright future for this country.

  4. regardless of whether i personally like PNoy or not, it is important that the president's SONA be as objective and real as it could be. it is simply a report and a comprehensive summary of how the state and its elements--the government, the people, the sovereignty, and the territory is being taken cared and considered by the current administration. it is very important that the president's speech by this time become honest with the facts, figures and situation it presents to the people and not just consider it as a candidacy speech where we all just hear "pa-pogi". it is good that the president has presented the accomplishments that he has done through his reign but i believe that it is not a perfect ruling and everyone has its flaws but this time, PNoy fails to present angles or situations in the country that needs attention...those which he failed to give his attention.

    yes, i agree that the SONA lacks in substance.. exaggeratedly, feels like Philippines is moving towards utopia when in fact, it is a universe away. and yes. i still stand by my first impression that the current administration takes pride in credit grabbing and blame-games.

  5. Stating "I find the President’s SONA lacking in substance", I agree with you because there are still filipino's who are experiencing poverty. And some of them can't avail the programs that is given by the government because of certain circumstances.

  6. The word that really touches my feelings about the President SONA 2012 was the 4P's ATM card , this program should be for the poor people to help them sustain their needs and wants for there poor family.
    Hope that this program will be implemented to the poor people only and they should be the one who will benefit this but they should still working hard.

  7. i noticed about the 4p's program that most people who can avail this is the one who ''malapit sa sandok'' only.

  8. It's good that we have a Pnoy, but I suggest that he must consider the economic stability of our country and create more programs that more Filipinos can be benefited.

  9. He must ruminate our economic stability of our nation
    so that Filipino people benefited.

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  11. Pnoy want's to provide a good governance in our country because he wanted to upgrade our country to the higher level..

    keep up your good work PNoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!