Wednesday, March 27, 2013

~Grace Under Pressure~

MARCH is here!! And the SUMMER fever starts this month and the FUN and MEMORABLE events starts too! 
We started this month with an outside and fun PHOTO SHOOTS. We took one and half day to finished it. 

Model:                         Grace Angel Vicky Curato
Make Up Artist:            Sheena Magalona
Mentor:                       Abegael Lawagon
Photographer/Stylist:    Tessa Joey Ceniza {Yours Truly. HAHA!)
Camera:                      Sony DSLR
Setting:                        GAV'S Mansion, CARSU-CC Oval, Cabadbaran Dike.

ENJOY the view! :)


Windows Perfectly Fit. 

Smiling above the horizon. Perfect weather, isn't it?

Long legged adds beauty! With a concept of black and white, the fiercer and bolder ANGEL! 0:)

\Top: Krissa. \Shorts: BNY. \Shoes: Celine


Black and White never fades. 

\DressFashion East. \Bag: Christian Rozen. \Watch: Unisilver Watch


Pinkish Eye shadow, Red Lips, Extended Eye lashes and a blonde hair! Hi GORGEOUS!

So skinny yet pretty! :") At the Cabadbaran Dike. The floating made of Kawayan (bamboo) boat.

\Top: Forever 21. \Shorts: BNY. \Doll Shoes: RL


Super Model! :)

Watcha lookin at?

Gorgeous. Beautiful and Stunning.

He loves me. He loves me not? :/

\Top: GAP. \Shorts: DKNY. \Heels: Celine


Stands like a model.

Funny her.



The MODEL <3

\Top: ArtWork. \Leggings: E-100. \Wedge: Celine. \Watch: Unisilver Watch \Necklace: Unisilver

Every month, I will ask someone who likes to be my "model of the month" for my blog. This month, I featured (above) Miss GRACE ANGEL VICKY CURATO for a theme of Grace Under Pressure.

More upcoming posts for the month of March soon. ;)

Who will be the next model for next month?
Do you want to be?
Text or email me. 

GRACIAS for viewing! :")))




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