Sunday, September 15, 2013

EPIC Night.. *:)

*So last night was a blast! Celebrating with the epic LCO party with my epic closest fellas at the gymnasium of Father Saturnino Urios University. LCO Night is always celebrated after the University Days of our school. It's kinda like a victory ball plus a party. 

There was a series of production number including the night's special guest: Jason Dy. He was truly a good singer and a dancer. We really enjoyed when he sang the song of Bruno Mars entitled 'Treasure'. :)  There was also a parade respective organizational and departmental Tees and Totem. I can really say that ALL the models are beautiful!  But the main event of the night was the announcing of the winners. Over all the spot was reigned again by the BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM. And by the way, I belong to that program. So I am a very PROUD one. ^_^v

Attending the LCO night was one of my #YOLOBucketlist, why? Because that will be OUR last, graduating eh? Soon and by God's precious grace. <3

SOOOOOOOOOOO, Here are some last night's pictures that will surely 
be treasured F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

With the girls last night. (L-R) Loujel, Maian, Irmarae, yours truly and Ethel. :)

One of the newest endorser of Gawad Kalinga. My superb pretty friend Jhuliet ;)

The 2013 FIRST Cheerdance Competition Winner! The BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM "PHOENIX ALLSTARS". They are requested to perform again last night. And they even get better! :D

Awwe :( My heart hurts. This was Jason Dy during his performance. But because of many lights the camera of my phone didn't got the chance to captured the way I want. </3

Hey!! :)))

At the bar? Sssssh. No and of course not! This is just part of the Fellowship Night.

This definitely burned my throat last night!!!

Liquors for free for SENIORS only. :P

Ah! Aside from the LCO Night, the Alumni Fellowship Night also held their party at the main College Building of our school. All SENIOR Students are invited and to get in touch with the Alumnus. :)

I will surely love the colors.

Disco fever. :p

The lead dancers of the Disco. 

Aww sorry. I was busy dancing while I took this. Haha!


Hey. Down view? haha

Awwe <3 This one is my favorite picture!! Me with my bestfriend Irmarae. Look at our background. Isn't it awesome? #PartyGirls

My other girl friends. Sofia, Roselyn and Charline. :)

 Jhuliet and Irmarae. Prettttttttttty
Ah! The models. 

Beautiful Abegael! Bestfriend Abegael was also the model of their Tees and she won as the best organizational shirt! Congrats bespreeeeeeeeeeen. :**

And lastly. This was I wore last night. :)) Red Vans shoes, white shorts and our organizational JFINEX shirt.



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