Saturday, February 9, 2013

Addicted to....PARIS! :)


Can you call a person "crazy" when she is hooked up with a particular thing since then? Unfortunately, I'm addicted to something, uhhm, actually it's not a 'thing' but a PLACE. :p
Obviously, the place I'm blabbing to is the heading of this post. :D

I've been dying, loving, hating, idolizing, patronizing, praising,  devoting and all the words having 'ing' at the end, name it and that's what I'll describe how much I'm addicted to the place called PARIS. 

PARIS - The City of Love as they all said. But for me, PARIS ILL BE THE PLACE I'LL LIVE SOMEDAY. Yes! Since I was a kid, I forgot what age I knew the place PARIS,  I already LOVE Paris on that time. I've been telling to everyone I know that I want to go there when I have enough money.
 Even my best pals namely: ANGEL, RUTH and GLYN, we wish, hope and promise together that we will shop, party like there's no tomorrow,  and etc. in Paris. I just hope we can make it in the near future. :)

Please wait for me, I'll be there soon. Very very soon. :">

Loving you always and forever,




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