Saturday, August 1, 2015


    In celebration of the Cabadbaran 8th Charter Day, they invited the #BrownmanRevival during the People's Night last July 28, 2015 held at the Caraga State University Cabadbaran Campus-Oval. I cannot fathom how excited I am to witness one of personal favorite band. ^O^ As the  said day arrived, by 5:30 pm I immediately ready my self and my stuff and specially my DSLR to capture the once in a lifetime event.

   So okay, me and my best friend Abegael arrived at the venue by 6:45 pm and OH MY GOSH!! I never expected that they will be there for their 'sound check' and I don't know what other matters they did on the stage because all I know is: YEAH! BROWNMAN REVIVAL! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! AND OF COURSE, I abruptly took the chances to take a picture with them and TADA! <3

The night was filled with Reggae music that seems a drug in everyone's ear, everybody was high with the songs they played. It was one helluva night with #BrownmanRevivial.

Thanks for coming here in Cabadbaran City! 
Hanggang sa muli!

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