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I'm a Vampire Diaries huge fan :)

Damon and Stefan
Sharing my thoughts about the Salvatore brothers.

          So, okay. Here’s the catch. There is this TWO HOT HANDSOME AND INCREDIBLE VAMPIRES, well aside form the famous slash almost perfect slash handsome slash hot slash sparkling vampire Edward Cullen, there is this Vampires also, the catch is, they are BROTHERS. So obviously I’m talking about the SALVATORE BROTHERS of VAMPIRE DIARIES that lives 100 plus already. They are DAMON SALVATORE and STEFAN SALVATORE.

          First I want to express how I love DAMON SALVATORE. Well, a DAMON SALVATORE is a scorching hot-prefect jaw line-a smirk that can get your panties off-a seductive smile-a sex god-a antagonist-having a sexy gorgeous body, name all the nouns and he got it! YES! A big YES, for me he is the ideal definition of NAUGHTY and NICE. Naughty, he is! In the movie Vampire Diaries, he is an adversary of his brother’s love interest Elena/Katherine, he always does! He’s not always the one is chosen by Elena/Katherine and it hurts on my side, as a fan! Well, I AM A HUGE FAN OF VAMPIRE DIARIES. I knew that it was based on the book BUT I don’t like what they always did to Damon, HE DID ALMOST EVEYTHING JUUST TO PROTECT ELENA from danger or anything because just simply HE LOVES HER but instead he will always not be the one who was chosen. I appreciate his character, in his heart vengeance, annoyance, wicked is all over but there’s always gonna be that one place in his heart that LOVE exist! One of the lines’s that he said and I memorized and love but I forgot what episode and season was, when said to Elena this: “If there is Bonnie dying and then you, I will let Bonnie die because I will always choose you. I don’t know if that was the correct phrase but I’m sure that the last five words are right. I cried the moment he said it, aside from the background song that really makes you cry, but I know that Damon is the sincere Damon Salvatore when he let go of those words. We all know that a Damon Salvatore is a mess-maker or what but he is STRONG, although he dates and beds any girls out there but when it comes to the one he truly loves? HELL yeah! He will always choose and prioritize the girl that’s in his heart. I adore him also for being a family-oriented guy; he loves Stefan, his brother too. He’s giving his way for his brother even he loves the girl that Stefan loves too. He’s not selfish just arrogant. This phrase proves: “I can’t be selfish with you Elena, because my brother needs you and you love him. I am not right for you.” Again I don’t know if that’s the exact phrase but there is the thought. HAHA: D He even compels Elena to forget that conversation, I think he said the three words and eight letters to her also then he compelled her. I even burst out crying when I knew the last part of Season 3 episode 22 that DAMON was really the first one who knew Elena but again he compelled her. I think, if ever he didn’t compelled Elena, he should be the one Elena love right now.

          STEFAN SALVATORE, on the other hand. A Stefan Salvatore, known as the ripper- a loyal boyfriend- a stick to one guy-having a six packs abs-bringing a magnificent and a wonderland body. I love Stefan too! What I love Stefan is, he’s such a great guy, he’s so sweet to Elena and ever loyal. He can manage his urge to drink a human blood. He looks after Elena on his own way. He’s a nonviolent guy; he doesn’t want to have a mess or a fight instead he talks the problem and unravel it. On my own opinion, Stefan is an ideal boyfriend just like Edward Cullen but they have their differences of course. He’s a family-oriented too; he loves Damon as much as Damon loves him. He was the one who turned Damon to be a vampire yet he did it in just one reason, he doesn’t want to be alone and he wants his brother Damon is with him for eternity. Stefan on his other side, also gives up the whole thing just for Elena, I always feel the genuineness when he utters “I Love You So Much”. But in my own understanding on his character, he’s strong but he can get easily be weak, he loses hope easily to the point that Elena shouts on his face that he needs to be strong and not to lose hope. He’s the one chosen by Elena over Damon. He loves Elena more than Elena loves him.

And TADA! That’s the way I love them both. I love them so much on their own ways. I love Damon on his naught and nice way and I love Stefan on his loyal way. J

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