Friday, January 4, 2013

Reminiscing 2012, Looking forward 2013 (:

♥Thanking 2012. Welcoming 2013♥ 

2012- The most divisive year of all times because it was said to be the year when the world ends. December 21, 2012 was the precise date that was chosen. Well, what can I say? Where's the ending now? Those hearsay and buzz are just not accurate (FOR ME); I will always believe that GOD will be the only one who will know when it will end.

    So, lemme tell and muse over what the year 2012 brought to my existence though it’s not in a chronological order, this is just as far as I can remember. I can tell, 2012 is an awe-inspiring, superb, memorable year. It brought gladness and also wretchedness in me but most of those are gladness. :p I do have many people to thank for although I can’t one by one them, I hope you will comprehend!

     One of my accomplishments I did this year was, I don’t have enemies; I’m not holding grief towards someone, I don’t have any qualms as I leave the year 2012 because I know my heart and my mind is at peace.

Personal Life – Let’s start from my personal life. The past three months, I kept on saying to my self that my sentiment was exhausted. There are quite a few reasons why I said that but I will proudly said that, these past few days, I finally get over with those, no holding backs, no pains, just pure and crystal clear HAPPINESS.

My Family – Dad & Mom is doing great! Even though sometimes they fought over things yet they resolved it in the end of the day. Most of those jiffies are joyful and treasurable moments. I’m glad that they still managed to took good care of me and give what I need. They kept on treating me like a child, we make ‘kulitans’ most of the time. I will always be their one and only PRINCESS.

My Relatives – My ever supportive relatives are going stronger and higher with their respective families. Dad Ely is running for Mayor, Ate Teejay is already the Head of City Tourism, the new member of the family baby Joachim Aurel and baby Lucio Veron, and many more to mention blessings. I hope this 2013 will be having more blessings.

My Social Life – I’ve been active with my social networking sites life. Been a blogger at Tumblr, I tweet at Twitter, I keep posting on my online diary at BlogSpot, updating and still searching about Google account, keeping and widening my imaginations through writing and reading stories and being an author at Wattpad and a very active facebook user. And I’ll consider to myself, READING as a social life. I’ve been an avid fan of Stephanie Meyer and Nicholas Sparks and their story, last year (2012), I discover great books written by E.L James and Slyvia Day, and their stories are both scorching hot as ever! Christian Grey and Gideon Cross make me snigger.
     I’m looking forward this year to be a fruitful year; I will make the most of it. I want to be more full-fledged up, more matured, more independent. I want to make decision that I will not regret it after I’ll decide.

P.S: Sorry for the grammatical errors, spellings and what so ever :p


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