Friday, January 17, 2014

Girls be like...

My 100 reasons why girls are amazing and should be love, respected and be understood by boys:
1.    Girls are always jealous
2.    Girls have insecurities
3.    Girls can change decisions right away
4.    Girls have second thought most of the time
5.    Girls are great detectives
6.    Girls are hard headed
7.    Girls wants Boys to be sweet to them
8.    Girls wants to be taken care of
9.    Girls wants to be special
10. Girls wants efforts
11. Girls wants to be chase
12. Girls wants surprises
13. Girls wants to be understood
14. Girls wants fame
15. Girls wants to be introduced by boy’s family
16. Girls wants to bond the sister of their boyfriends
17. Girls wants hug from the back
18. Girls wants cuddle
19. Girls wants Boys to play their hair
20. Girls wants to own their boyfriends large shirts
21. Girls wants to bond their boyfriends’ friends
22. Girls wants to go a camping
23. Girls love flowers
24. Girls love to watch sunset with their boyfriend
25. Girls love to watch sunrise with their boyfriend
26. Girls love to watch stars with their boyfriend
27. Girls appreciates little things
28. Girls love to receive any gifts from their boyfriend
29. Girls love to travel
30. Girls love to hug most of the time
31. Girls love to cook for their boyfriend
32. Girls love Boys who play with the kids
33. Girls love to dance in the rain
34. Girls love to read a book with their boyfriends
35. Girls love to go to the beach with their boyfriends
36. Girls love to sit with their boyfriends
37. Girls love to go off roads with their boyfriends
38. Girls love to receive cute messages
39. Girls love to receive handwritten love letters
40. Girls love books
41. Girls love to share earphones with their boyfriends
42. Girls love sweet story novels
43. Girls love boys knows how to drive a car
44. Girls love drummers
45. Girls love pianist
46. Girls love guitarists
47. Girls love to be sing by their boyfriends
48. Girls love foods
49. Girls love boys who enjoys food
50. Girls love ice creams
51. Girls wants their boyfriend to be proud of them
52. Girls love to be kissed in the forehead
53. Girls love respect
54. Girls love to watch their boyfriend smile because of them
55. Girls love to make effort for their boyfriends
56. Girls love to be lazy around their boyfriends
57. Girls love to be child-like when boyfriends around
58. Girls love dedicated songs
59. Girls love Bruno Mars
60. Girls love I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
61. Girls love You and Me by Lifehouse
62. Girls love to hear their boyfriends singing Marry Your Daughter by Brian McKnight
63. Girls love to plan their wedding
64. Girls love to design their wedding gowns
65. Girls dream their wedding day to be as awesome as ever be
66. Girls are daydreamer
67. Girls wants to survive Long Distance Relationships
68. Girls love their boyfriends as if he’ll be the last man standing
69. Girls love to buy something for their boyfriends
70. Girls love life size teddy bears
71. Girls love to see their boyfriend dancing even he can’t
72. Girls love long text’s
73. Girls love to hear how much you love them
74. Girls love the word “Forever”
75. Girls love to hear “Promise I won’t leave you”
76. Girls want to be protected
77. Girls love to fight upon
78. Girls love sweet words
79. Girls love to take pictures every single moment with their boyfriends
80. Girls love to write lists to experience with their boyfriends
81. Girls love grandma’s and grandpa’s
82. Girls love to party with their boyfriends
83. Girls love boyfriends that are selfish to have them
84. Girls love talkative boyfriends
85. Girls love boyfriends who talks ‘future’ with them
86. Girls love naming their future daughter/sons
87. Girls love to grow old with boyfriends who love them so much
88. Girls love designing her future house
89. Girls love to see their boyfriends mingling with their Dads
90. Girls love religious boyfriends
91. Girls love inexpensive dinner dates
92. Girls love holding hands while walking in the public
93. Girls just love to be with their boyfriends most of the time
94. Girls love summer story
95. Girls believes in forever
96. Girls love to marry the man they love so much someday
97. Girls love attention
98. Girls love kids
99. Girls love to laugh
100.              Girls will always be girls

BOYS, this are my reason why (we) girls should be loved, respected and understood. In a relationship, Yes! There are those unavoidable fights and arguments and I’m not avowing here that let all the girls win just because I’m a girl too. My point is try to ‘’listen’’ to her, apprehend her side as long as you can and mostly venerate her words. Let her finish her point and it takes your turn. Don’t hurt your girl or some girls just because you don’t like her nor love her anymore. Don’t insult a girl because every girl’s emotion can halt right away.  If you do? Then your messing with her father and with the King, every girl is God’s princess better not to.
In any relationship, when a girl gives up? Well, Good luck on you Boys! But there are so many odds to take in order to get her back again or not letting her to give up. Just tell her how much you love her and how she’s special to you, let her understand your reasons and make sure you will only tell the truth! DON’T. EVER. LIE. TO. A. GIRL. Eventually she’ll find it.
            And if you love a girl, just simply tell her before it’s too late. And don’t forget to put GOD on TOP of your relationships. J

            I can give you advises, I can listen to your problems. Just beep me.
            Thanks for reading! <3
©Tessa Joey Sagusay Ceniza //

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